Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another sick day..

It's another boring sick day. Most of my time has been spent on pinterest. Gotta love that site ;). My dogs and I are just chilling in the house, eating food that I don't need to be eating. I am hoping to get a tan later on. Not some scary Snooki tan..
I am so extremely pale so I need all the help I can get for summer! I haven't decided on a bathing suit to buy for summer yet. Probably a two-piece because I can't handle one-piece. They bother the HECK out of me! I feel like I can't breathe! I'm a pretty plain person when it comes to clothes. I just don't like sparkles or ruffles or anything along those lines! I like to wear older clothes then little hearts and flowers type shirts.
I like this bathing suit but guess what! It has ruffles... I could probably cut them off ;) Testing my designing skills here. To me, I think it is stupid how lil 12 year olds walk around in string bikinis and there so-called-butt is hanging out of it. Like seriously? Who wants to see your crack showing?!
I am getting a lil headache so time to go take a quick nap!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hating Headaches

Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday! I have caught a case of the headaches :(. I couldn't enjoy the baseball game yesterday due to the throbbing pain in my head. I am half-way through the week which I'm extremely excited about! So close to the weekend then we might be able to finally go shopping! I am dying to buy something!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

This morning for breakfast I had toast with some West Virginia Jelly! This stuff is amazing! I got it from my aunt and uncle for my birthday. I am one lucky girl ;)
  Of course today at school my class got in trouble. My class has made two teachers cry and we have a pretty bad reputation. We just have a lot of problems. My teacher was mad at us and kept yelling over and over. After getting yelled at SOO many times, my class is just like whatever, not a big deal. The teacher yelled saying, "I feel bad for the ones who didn't do anything and have to face the punishments all the time." Then why are the good people getting in trouble?! I never did understand the team punishment type thing. If one person gets in trouble, everyone else has to suffer.
  In first period, my teacher put on Adele for us to listen to and I have had it stuck in my head all day long! So I came home and listened to Rumuor has it. My friends and I kept annoying everyone by singing it out loud.
I just love this girl!
After school our girls had a volleyball tournament. I am in LOVE with volleyball. Too bad we lost both our games. Maybe next time ;)

I'm sorry I haven't taken many pictures yet. I'm still trying to get in the habit of it ;). Tomorrow is baseball day!! My brother has his last baseball game tomorrow. Hopefully I won't cry. Hope everyone survived their Monday!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lemon Lush Heaven...

Lubbock wasn't as fun as I thought it would be ,but at least I got to see some family members! My mom and sister were both having some pain in there head and feeling tired so we weren't able to shop:(! Although we did get to go to Sheridan's!

Sheridan's is a frozen custard place that is to die for! They only have one in Texas (I think) and that is in Lubbock! It is our favorite place to go. I was going to get a chocolate milkshake ,but after I saw something called Lemon Lush Concrete, I had to go order that. It was tangy, sweet, and had bits of lemon squares in it. AMAZING.
    After my date with deliciousness, it was time for us to leave good ole' Lubbock behind. We said goodbye and headed back to our podunk lil town :). I hope everyone has a great Monday even though Monday's suck.
Have a great week;)!

Were going to have an amazing day today!! My mom, dad, brother, his girlfriend, and I are all heading down to Lubbock, Tx to meet with my aunt and uncle and my two other siblings :).

Of course we will have to do some shopping and eat out. I will have to post my outfit later on in the day because right now my brother's girlfriend is soundly sleeping in my room. Thanks Kristen;)! Hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chasing Dirt Roads

Hi there! My name is Amy and I'm 13 years old from a small town north of Abilene, Texas. I'm new and pretty young to the blogging world ,but I hope everyone enjoys reading my posts. I am the 4th child in my family and the youngest (spoiled alert)! I am a huge fan of watching sports and cheering on my teams and favorite players. The reason I chose my blog name to be Chasing Dirt Roads is because when I get older I always want to remember where I come from and how riding on a four-wheeler down dirt roads or mud sliding on a dirt road is what I love to do the most. So I'm pretty much just a young girl living in a small town making it through one day at a time!