Monday, April 16, 2012

This morning for breakfast I had toast with some West Virginia Jelly! This stuff is amazing! I got it from my aunt and uncle for my birthday. I am one lucky girl ;)
  Of course today at school my class got in trouble. My class has made two teachers cry and we have a pretty bad reputation. We just have a lot of problems. My teacher was mad at us and kept yelling over and over. After getting yelled at SOO many times, my class is just like whatever, not a big deal. The teacher yelled saying, "I feel bad for the ones who didn't do anything and have to face the punishments all the time." Then why are the good people getting in trouble?! I never did understand the team punishment type thing. If one person gets in trouble, everyone else has to suffer.
  In first period, my teacher put on Adele for us to listen to and I have had it stuck in my head all day long! So I came home and listened to Rumuor has it. My friends and I kept annoying everyone by singing it out loud.
I just love this girl!
After school our girls had a volleyball tournament. I am in LOVE with volleyball. Too bad we lost both our games. Maybe next time ;)

I'm sorry I haven't taken many pictures yet. I'm still trying to get in the habit of it ;). Tomorrow is baseball day!! My brother has his last baseball game tomorrow. Hopefully I won't cry. Hope everyone survived their Monday!

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